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sustainable wood jewelry

Bijoux Bee is the combined effort of Margaret and Thomas, working out of our Tucson, Arizona studio.  Our company started as an extension of our mutual love of the textures, color and versatility of wood.  

We care about the planet, and have put much effort in choosing supplies and packaging that reflect that care. The Alder wood we use is sustainably harvested and all grown in the US. Additionally, Alder is a fantastic choice for wood craft, it grows quickly and prolifically thus is considered a very renewable hardwood.

We don't use harsh paints or stains, the wood speaks for itself.  

And to protect your earrings and pendants, we attach our jewelry to cardstock and package them in a biodegradable cellophane envelope. 

The mission of Bijoux Bee is simple: create awesome jewelry out of eco-friendly materials that people love to wear. We want the pendant or earrings you purchase to be the piece of jewelry that can't be left at home while you carve your own path in the world; that pair of earrings that seems to fetch an endless supply of compliments; that piece that fits with you; that makes you feel great about yourself, and about your choice to support artisan craft.

Thank you for choosing Bijoux Bee to add to your collection.





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